Farm Boys is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for essential oilfield support, swabbing, and wireline services. We specialize in the removal of wax and heavy fluids from the wellbore—one of the best ways to maximize production and keep profits flowing.
Swab Rigs Fort St John
Flush-by Rod Rigs
With access to a diverse range of tools and services, our Rod Rig/Flush-By Services will save you time and money, returning your wells to full production quickly. All units are equipped with hydraulic rod tongs that are carded for every job to ensure your conventional sucker rods are put together with the right torque.
Swab Rigs Grande Prairie
Swabbing can be done on oil and gas wells of all ages (new and old). It removes/recovers well bore fluids to help wells flow at maximum capacity, increasing production. Too much liquid in a well will shut it off, so it’s important to maintain the right swabbing schedule.

We cover a large region from swab rigs Grande Prairie to swab rigs Fort St. John.
Dewaxing Fort St John, Dewaxing Grande Prairie
Dewax Wireline
Using the service of Dewax Wireline will help improve your flow rates while reducing your overall lifting costs. At Farm Boys, we specialize in the removal of paraffin and asphaltene restrictions from producing oil wells and flow lines while the well remains operational.

It’s highly effective to clean out build-ups in the tubing/pipes to improve flow and remove the wax out of wells to get pipes back to full size. Farm Boys has trucks with up to 11,000 meters of swab line. Get on a regular schedule so you always optimize production.

Wireline Grande Prairie and wireline Fort St. John services are provided as well as slickline Grande Prairie.
New! Hot Oilers
Hot oilers are great for melting wax. But they’re also used to supply hot water during oil spill clean-ups, to heat motor oil for huge engines, and for heating fractured fluids while defrosting water pipes.

Farm Boys can pump hot oils as well as melt by pumping hot fluid that turns the wax from a solid to a liquid. When the pump is pulled up 10 feet, all the wax is removed by hot oil, so the rods come out clean.

Our services are available for hot oiler Grande Prairie to hot oiler Fort St. John and that covers dewaxing Grande Prairie and dewaxing Fort St. John.
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